My Political Ad (the one where I use a picture from years ago)

Skinny Lane

Have you noticed that on all the Hillary Clinton ads, they are using pictures of her from at least 20 years ago, maybe longer.  I then started to notice that seems to be the trend.  Run for office – start the lying by using pictures from when you looked your best.

So here’s my younger, skinny Lane pic – running for office sometime soon.

Go Preds


Tough loss last night, but I stayed up to watch the end!  Bounce back and get em next time!!

Love Without Limits

Love without Limits

Its easy to love people who treat you well.  However, how do you love someone who doesn’t treat you well?  The kid in school who makes fun of you?  The boss who takes credit for your work, or blames you for things going wrong?  Those people are a bit harder to love.

Jesus tells the Pharisees in Matthew 5:43-48 they are to love their neighbor, but also love their enemy.  The King James goes on to say “bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.”  We know Jesus wants us to love our neighbor, that’s for sure.  He tells us over and over again.  However, the Jewish Rabbis taught that their “neighbor” only applied to fellow Jews.  This worked out well because the Jews pretty much hated everyone else.  The Romans actually accused and charged the Jews with hatred of the human race.

The problem is that the Old Testament, or no where else in the Bible in fact, tells us to hate our enemies.  There are places in the Old Testament where God hates evil, and may not care for the evildoer, but he never commands his people to hate their enemies.  We are to shower them with unconditional kindness.

I heard a story about Wade Boggs, former third baseman for the Boston Red Sox.  He hated playing at  Yankee Stadium while playing for Boston, not because of the Yankees but because of one particular fan.  This fan would heckle him, yell out insults and profanities.  One day, Boggs had listened to this enough.  He walked over to the area where this guy was, looked at him, and asked “Are you the guy that is always yelling at me?”.  The fan responded “Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?”

Wade Boggs took a new baseball, signed it, and threw it up for the guy to have.  The guy never heckled Boggs again.  In fact, he became one of his biggest supporters.

That’s what we are urged to do with our enemies.  Find a way to show them love, especially the love of Christ in all we do.  God is going to bless everyone on this earth, whether they believe in him or not.  He sends the rain and the sun to bless even his enemies by common grace (vs 45).  We need to love people without discrimination like God loves us.  We also need to love our enemies because we need to show there is no greater love than Christian love.

(Reposted from July 26, 2011)

God’s blessings

Today, I have felt God’s blessings and presence in my life more than I have in a long time.  I know He’s been there, but maybe today I just tuned into it more.  A very long, ongoing, persistent prayer was answered today.  Amazing how the presence of peace infiltrated my heart as soon as I got the news.

The sad thing is, I shouldn’t just experience that peace when I get an answer to prayer.  We all should be constantly aware of God’s blessings in our lives each and every day.

The Insanity of American Politics (And How I Plan to Fix It!!)


I suppose the first real Presidential election I remember was the one that took place in 1988 – Bush vs. Dukakis.  I remember reading about the elections at school, having to do “Current Events” on the election.

So, in 1988, George H. W. Bush won the election.

In 1992, he was defeated by Bill Clinton.

In 1996, Clinton won a second term.

In 2000, George Bush, the son, won the election.

In 2004, George Bush won again.

In 2008 everyone thought Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic nomination, until a new guy named Barack Obama won.  He did name Hillary as his Secretary of State though.  He won again in 2012, and it marked the first time in 24 years that someone not named Bush or Clinton held some sort of high ranking political office in the United States.

But it was announced today, running for President in 2016, will be Hillary Clinton, again.  And just in case you think that’s crazy enough – yup – you guessed it – there’s another Bush.  And while Jeb Bush, the brother of the latest President Bush, has not “officially” announced a campaign, we all know its a matter of time.

But, take it a step further.  You see, it ends up being the same people running for President over and over again.  Mitt Romney ran for President in 2008, and then again in 2012, and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran again in 2016.  It seems like people just have unlimited funding to be able to run for President over and over and over again.

While I’m not a politician, nor do I like to even talk about politics all that much, I do have one clear thought on the issue:  Isn’t it time for some fresh faces?  Isn’t it time to try a different approach?  Isn’t it time for some new people with new ideas and a new vision for the future to step in and run?

I’m sure Hillary is a great person.  I’m sure Jeb is swell guy.  I’m sure Rand Paul, (who is Ron Paul’s son, who ran for President a few times) is a visionary dude.  But I think its time for some new faces in the political world.  Here are my suggestions for people who should run for President in 2016:

1.  Duncan and RobinsonTim Duncan – People thought it was cool that Barack Obama was a good basketball player.  Hello?  Enter Tim Duncan.  Duncan is one of the most humble guys on the court, yet he’s a proven winner. But what about outside of basketball? Per his Wikipedia page – “Off the court, Duncan is known for his quiet and unassuming ways, as well as his active philanthropy. He holds an honor degree in psychology and created the Tim Duncan Foundation to raise general health awareness and fund education and youth sports in various parts of the United States.”  Suggested VP – David Robinson – (he brings basketball and military experience into the mix)

2. Carey and Brady Drew Carey – Everything Drew Carey is involved with turns to solid gold.  First of all, did you know he was a veteran?  He served in the US Marine Corps for 6 years.  Then he went into comedy.  He had a little show called “The Drew Carey Show” that ran for 233 episodes.  He also took an old great show, revived it, and turned it to pure comedic genius with “Whose Line Is It Anyway.”  After that – he took over for one of the greatest game show hosts that ever lived, Bob Barker, and has been on The Price is Right ever since.  So, he KNOWS how to follow up great figures, and make things even better.  No pressure following someone else in office.  Suggested VP – Wayne Brady – We’ve gotten used to comedic relief with Joe Biden, why not bring some professional comedic relief to the position?

3.  Swift and LawrenceTaylor Swift – While technically not old enough to run for President (she’s only 25), I think we could make an exception to the rule just for her, right?  She has consistently dealt with pressure, and knows how to overcome (remember – Kanye West?) interruptions.  She’s achieved more in her 11 year music career (she started at 14) than most of us achieve in a lifetime.  Besides, if she’s blasted by the media, ridiculed by foreign leaders, or made fun of on Saturday Night Live, she knows how to “Shake it Off.”  Suggested VP – Jennifer Lawrence.  Someone with bow hunting skills as hers may come in handy in a post-apocalyptic world.  Have you seen the Hunger Games?  It could happen people.  So could the Walking Dead.

4.  Fallon and TimberlakeJimmy Fallon – Jimmy was the guy everyone was sort of unsure of to be the replacement for late night guru Jay Leno.  However, Jimmy has filled Jay’s shoes very well.  Jimmy has brought new life to a dying stage in late night shows.  He made it cool again for young people to stay up to watch.  He’s adored by everyone.  He’s confident.  He’s friends with everyone.  In a pinch, he can do all sorts of impressions of past favorite presidents to bring his ratings up.  I feel like Jimmy would listen to people, and then do his best to make the most informed decisions.  Plus, it would be a hoot.  Suggested VP – Justin Timberlake, because these two in the White House would be awesome.  I mean, seriously, have you seen these guys perform before?  I’d tune into a State of the Union address featuring this dynamic duo!

Honorable mentions:

1.  Kid President.  Suggested VP – Brad Montague, because behind every great President is a great helper.
2.  Ryan Seacrest.  Suggested VP – Randy Jackson
3.  Derek Jeter.  Suggested VP – Mariano Rivera
4.  Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid.  Suggested VP – Vince McMahon.

Sunday Morning

Last week, many people went to a Church service because it was Easter Sunday.

Don’t forget – Jesus is still risen, and still deserves your time tomorrow morning.

Go and be with a church family tomorrow morning.  Start your week off right.