What Happens When I Put Money in the Collection Plate?


In most churches around the world, during the service at some point, a collection basket is passed.  Some churches have collection baskets in the back lobby, some pass them from person to person.  But just about every church does this.

My point in writing this is not to argue the need for people to contribute.  That’s pointed out in Scripture pretty clearly in my opinion.

I want to help you realize what your contribution dollars go toward.  What happens when you put that check in the basket?

1.  Salaries – Okay, let’s get this one out of the way.  Yes, your contribution dollars go to pay the salaries of people on staff.  You’ll probably be contributing toward the salary of a main pastor/preacher, an associate (who could have a plethora of various titles), a youth or student minister, an administrative assistant or two, and some sort of custodial staff.  You also may be contributing toward the salaries of missionaries or other various people the church has agreed to support.

Understand this – no two preachers/pastors are paid the same way.  They all are paid differently.  Oftentimes within the same office!  Some ministers get paid just a straight salary with no benefits whatsoever, so if you think your minister is getting paid too much, remember, they pay their own taxes, health insurance, and retirement out of that.  Some ministers get various packages including health insurance, or matching retirement, or other things.

2.  Building – It costs money to maintain a building.  Things need to be taken care of.  Bills have to be paid. Insurance has to bought.  If you don’t stay on top of building maintenance, it can all come due at one point.  Maybe your church building has multiple Heating/Air units.  Often these units seem to fail all at the same time, costing $20K-40K each to replace.  If your church budget is $10K a week, it could take an entire month’s worth of contribution to fix this.  Therefore, it would be smart for churches to save money in an emergency fund of some sorts for situations just like this.

Buildings also have to be updated.  Windows have to be replaced.  Roofs have to be replaced.  Parking lots have to be paved.  All of these things cost money.

On top of that – look at the bills associated with using the building.  Your electric bill at home may average between $100-400 a month depending on where you live.  But for your church building, it could run upwards of $2500-4000 a month!  It sure is nice to have that AC running when you come in on Sunday morning in the summers.

Many church buildings have baptistries.  These are like having a small hot tub in your home.  Electricity is needed to heat them.  Chemicals needed to treat them.

And, if your church has a kitchen, those aren’t cheap either!  What a blessing to have fellowship meals and share with each other, but stoves, refrigerators, sinks, and utensils are needed.

3.  Don’t forget about the children!  If you want to provide a quality education system for your children and teenagers, its going to cost money.  Crayons, markers, paper, scissors, glue – these items don’t just show up.  They cost money.  Also, most churches either pay for curriculum, or use a free curriculum and spend just as much on gathering supplies for the classes.

Then you have things like Vacation Bible School.  Paying for extra snacks, crafts, and other items is not cheap.

Sadly, there are many churches that spend very little on their children’s education fund.  They skimp on supplies, curriculum, and activities for them, and wonder why their children’s program isn’t growing.  You have to put money into it.  No, you don’t have to put a ton of cash into it, but do you really want your church to skimp on the children?

4.  Software/Computers/Electronics – I’m so grateful that I live in a day and age where I can worship by looking at a screen that projects the words and notes for my convenience.  I’m so happy to be able to use powerpoint/keynote while I preach to be able to better teach.  These can’t be used if you don’t have projectors.  If you want them to be effective they have to be good projectors.  And of course the projectors are useless unless you have the computers.  And guess what?  These all cost money!

And not just that – its great to be able to hear our members when they lead prayers, lead songs, lead worship, read scriptures, etc.  You’re able to because you have microphones!  And these microphones have to have amps, wires, mixers, etc. to run them.

Many of the programs we use have to be updated, or renewed, on a yearly basis.

And if your church has a website, well, they aren’t free either.  But its a lot cheaper than those old telephone book ads!

5.  Benevolence – Most churches have some sort of benevolence program.  Some of you may not realize that your church often helps members with problems that may arise in their lives.  The occasional gift card to a local gas station or grocery store is given to walk ups throughout the week.

6.  Outreach – These days, visitors (and members) expect things to look as professional as they can.  You want to put your best foot forward when you look at reaching out to the community.

Because of that, we have bulletins, pamphlets, brochures, cards, and pens to hand out to people when they come in the building.  But what about getting them in the building?  You may have a sign outside your building, but you and I know that’s not enough.

We tend to take out ads to promote our churches.  Radio spots, internet advertising, mail outs, and other various methods of outreach are wonderful, but they take money as well.

7.  Transportation – You have people, they need to get places.  Those youth trips need a bus.  Those senior saints outings need a van.  Monthly maintenance, gas, oil, tags, insurance are needed.

8.  Future planning – We’ve already sort of alluded to this, but I think its worth having a category in and of itself.  Most churches I know of would like to grow.  When you grow, you have to be able to do so.  New things must be purchased in order for growth to occur.  A smart congregation will be aware of this and plan ahead for this.

For example, if you’re ordering books for a class, you would be smart to order 15 books, even if you’re only planning on having 12 people.  Why?  Because you plan on the class growing.

Whether you want your current church family to grow, or whether you want to grow by planting elsewhere, you need to plan for that growth.


There are many things not mentioned here that the contribution goes to help with, but I think you get the idea.  Churches depend on the contribution of their members.

What have I missed?  What else does your contribution help with?

The Journey – Saddle Up Your Horses

Photo May 22, 5 15 58 PM

86 days ago, after a cold and snowy day, and after an ice storm that stranded us in our home for a week, I departed for my new home in Tampa.

I say “I departed” because it was only me.  We made the painstaking decision to let Josie finish school in Nashville instead of pulling her out with 3 months left.  I’ll never forget it.  I sat down on the steps in our home, and held Josie for what seemed like hours.  It wasn’t enough.  I’m not entirely sure she understood what was going on other than the fact that daddy was leaving.

It was hard.  Very hard.

That morning, as I was getting my oil changed and tires rotated for the journey, I got a call from my wife saying the battery in her car was dead.  The journey wasn’t starting well.  I rushed home so she could get Josie to school, let her take my car while I took the battery out, and spent the first part of my morning trying to figure out if it was a sign.

I wept for about an hour after I left.  I’m sure the people passing me on the interstate were confused.

I stopped in Huntsville to have dinner with one of my best and dearest friends in the world – Jason Bybee.  I can’t tell you how much he was there for me over the past few months.  Everyone in the world needs a friend like him.

I was going part of the way that night.  I went through Alabama, stopping in Dothan.  When I woke up in the morning, after I was on the road about 45 minutes, I had a blow out.  Some good samaritans stopped to help me with it, but it took about 2 hours to get down the road and find a shop on a Saturday morning in a small town that would replace it.

I got stuck in two traffic jams that lasted about an hour each.

Again, wondering if this was a sign.

After a 10 hour trip turned into a 18 hour journey, I arrived in Tampa.  The people I was going to be staying with were out of town, but Keith and Tonia Boyer met me at the Thompson home, and took me to dinner late that evening.  I remember walking into that lonely home, bringing my few possessions in, and laying on the bed weeping.  The trip had taken its toll, and the fact that I would be without my family for 3 months was sinking in slowly and surely.

I preached my first lesson here on March 1.  I was exhausted, emotional shot, but eager to begin.

For 3 months now, I have been working alongside the great church family at the Northwest Tampa Church of Christ.  They have taken me in, embraced me, loved me, encouraged me, and motivated me.

But I feel like I haven’t really started yet.  Why?  Because my family isn’t here.

Today, I had about 20 wonderful people from church help me unload a trailer with all our earthly possessions into an upstairs 3 bedroom apartment.  While i’m getting that set up, I’ll be staying with the Thompsons for a few more days.

On Wednesday, I fly home to celebrate my daughter’s birthday, and to bring my family home to Tampa.  No, we don’t have a “house” to live in yet, but we have a wonderful apartment.  But more importantly we’ll be together.

There have been times over the past few months that I’ve questioned whether or not we did the right thing.  Maybe we should have gone ahead and pulled her out of school, but Kristen also had a job she was committed to till the end of the school year.  Only time will tell if we did the right thing.  But we do know that moving to Northwest Tampa Church of Christ was the right thing.

I know, there are families who go through more.  Mothers and fathers who serve in the military, who get deployed for months, years at a time.  I’m not entirely sure how they do it, but it impresses me even more having gone through what we have gone through.

Its hard to believe that nearly 90 days ago, I made this long journey down here.  Its hard to believe that 90 days ago, I said goodbye to my family.  But, its coming to an end.  A week from now, we’ll be prepping my wife’s car to make the long journey….home.

I’m so grateful for my Northwest Tampa church family as they have been there for me during this time.  I can’t wait till my family gets here so I can be at full strength!

So were the setbacks a sign?  You know what, I’m going to say yes.  They were signs.  They were signs that God is with me.  They were signs that Satan is alive and well.  They were signs that the Evil One is scared of what is ahead at Northwest Tampa, because of the exciting things we’ll be doing.

The sign is that God is with us, and that Satan doesn’t like it.

I know there will continue to be tough days ahead.  But with God, and my family, my elders, co-workers, and co-laborers, we will succeed.  May God be praised.

My little girl is growing up


Today my little gal made her debut as a dancer. Now, I’m not sure how long her dancing career will last, but she sure did a great job. My face was beaming with pride as she did her little twirls and runs and steps. 

She’s growing up. 

Today I also got some news (which I can’t disclose yet but was pretty good news for us) that gave me an extra measure of peace. It was as if God was saying “It is all going to be all right. I got this. You just let me take care of everything.”

God has blessed me beyond measure. I just forget it sometimes. 

May you have a blessed weekend. 

Closing Time…


I suppose I should be thrilled.  For the first time ever, we sold a house and MADE money.  This was a welcome change.

I got to come to Nashville and spend time with my family.  It has been so good to be with them.

On Saturday, I get to be with my parents, and my in laws, as we watch Josie perform in her first ballet recital.  Afterwards, we’re going to Chuy’s – so there’s that too.  (For those of you who don’t know, Chuy’s is amazing Tex-Mex.)

Today, we closed on our home sale.  It was great to put this part of it behind us.  There was something very freeing about walking in and signing a few documents, and immediately being debt free.  What a great and awesome thing!

But the simple fact is, now, we are completely homeless.  That’s a bit scary.  We haven’t settled on a place to live in Tampa yet.  So, we truly are without a home to live in.  We’ve been blessed beyond to measure to have some church and school friends take us in, and let us stay with them for a few weeks/months.

Today, however, was a chapter of our lives coming to an end.

This was a great home.  I pray it will continue to be a great home for the new owners.

Fun memories of friends, family get togethers, birthday parties, holidays, life groups, and much, much more were had in this house.  And now, we say goodbye.  God truly blessed us beyond imagination with such a great home.  Never did I think we would live in such a great house.  A special thanks to our realtor, Bayron Binkley, who made the buying and selling process so great.

I am reminded though, that this world will never contain my forever home.  As a Christian, I strive each and every day for a home above.  Maybe that’s why its so hard to find a place to live – because I know that I’ve got such a better place ahead of me.

Below is the video of our home – take one last look with me.

I need a moment…


I need a moment of your time.  I need to make sure, however, that I word this correctly.

Over the next few days, I will be experiencing a wide variety of thoughts, moments, and more.

Will you pray for me?  Will you pray for my sweet wife?  Will you pray for my awesome daughter?

Nothing’s wrong, no problems going on, just a lot of life.  I’ll explain it more in detail as we move forward.

I serve a mighty God.  I serve a great and wonderful church.  I have an amazing – let me reiterate – AMAZING family.  I have some wonderful friends and co-workers.  I’m blessed more than I deserve.

But sometimes, we just have a few struggles that need some extra prayers.  Again, there’s nothing “wrong” – that you need to worry about.  We just need some of that “peace that passes all understanding” stuff at this point.

We need a house.  And nothing I’ve looked at has really felt like the one.  Lord willing, we WILL close on our house Thursday in Nashville.  Prayers for it to all go smoothly.

Praying for Baltimore

Tonight’s post is simple.  Let’s stop and say a prayer for the city of Baltimore.  Pray for the ones who are hurting.  Pray for the ones who feel they have been mistreated.  Pray for the ones who are rioting just because others are.  Pray for the ones who honestly feel like what they are doing will help any injustices involved.  Pray for the police.  Pray they will have courage to do their jobs.  Pray for the leaders of the city, that they will know how far to push back against the riots.  Pray for the people just living in their city, going about their lives.

America, we’re better than this.